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Spring cleaning? Old shoes you don’t want? Build hospice rooms!

In the midst of spring cleaning? Wondering what to do with all those old shoes you don’t wear anymore? I have the answer! DONATE THEM!  This morning I saw an article on about Faye Evans and her drive to raise $50,000 to build 8 hospice rooms and a family room at  Wichita’s Robert A. Dole Veteran’s Hospital transitional living center. Faye has been collecting shoes for recycling to support local causes for over three years.  A soft spoken, sweet sounding woman who has undergone 5 major surgeries in the last 6 months that have “slowed her down a bit,” Faye is the dynamo behind this effort. To achieve her goal, Faye needs to collect 340,000 pounds of shoes. Shoes can be dropped at the American Legion Post #410 at 101 E. 31st Street South, Wichita. For large batches of shoes, Faye will arrange for pickup. You can call her at:  316-833-8005 to arrange for a pick-up. Faye’s van can hold 1300 pounds of shoes and she pays for her own gas.  The hospice rooms will create a “homey atmosphere for families” and allow them to live with their loved ones in a comfortable environment during their final days.  I’m heading out to drop off my shoes this afternoon! Join me!


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