Wichita treasures

Saturday Old Town farmers’ market in ICT

I’ve only been twice so far, but my new addiction is the Saturday morning farmers’ market in Old Town, Wichita. The market takes place until noon on Saturday mornings in front of the Museum of World Treasures http://www.worldtreasures.org, and has an array of interesting crafters, food merchants, providers of fresh flowers, plants, produce, baked goods, and a knife sharpener who is an expert in the care and feeding of wild birds. Last weekend (May 23) my favorite finds were gorgeous fresh cut flowers, garden plants, and fresh veggies, in particular purple heirloom tomatoes and fresh cucumber.  When the fresh dill was added to top them off, delicious! That first weekend I only gave myself an hour – NOT LONG ENOUGH! As I arrived Trent Wagler & the Steel Wheels were playing. I’m not sure how to describe their music except to say they sang about big rigs, women who done them wrong, and I LOVED their sound. They call their music Original Americana Roots Music. I bought a cd on the spot! Check them out at http://www.trentwagler.com. As I was leaving a swing band started to play at the other end of the square and couples were DANCING!  I regret that I didn’t catch the name of the group, but how cool is that on a Saturday morning?!

This weekend (May 30) I went with some friends. Unfortunately I had only 1 hour this Saturday also. Great finds: homemade pasta by Pappardelle’s pasta. I confess, although I LOVE pasta, I’ve never been one to pay for gourmet pasta.  That said, if you have a reason to splurge, Pappardelle’s is worth the investment. I picked up some Italian blend that when combined with fresh heirloom tomatos, cucumber, black olives, onion, fresh dill, pine nuts, parmesean cheese, and Robusto Italian Salad Dressing made one of the best pasta salads I’ve had in years! We noshed on it for two days! They have so many interesting pasta flavors.  I picked up a four pepper fettucine and a dark chocolate dessert fettucine. I haven’t tried them yet, but will keep you posted.  Pappardelle’s also has FABULOUS dipping sauces. I’m especially partial to the fire roasted tomato balsamic. Their website boasts delicious sounding pasta recipes. Check them out at http://www.pappardellesonline.com.  YUM! There was also a young woman selling fresh vanilla extract.  I haven’t tried it yet, but needed some vanilla. The bottle was lovely! I got more fresh flowers, a couple cinnamon rolls and a stromboli from Great Harvest Bread Company, and we called it a morning.

I’ll be there this Saturday too! Not sure what I’ll find, but I’m looking forward to more yummy surprises! I think I’ll drop off my kitchen knives for sharpening when I arrive and grab them on my way out.  Functional and fun! Check out the Old Town farmers’ market this Saturday.


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