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Tom’s Shoes

Ok, my daughter and I just jumped off the cliff on this one. For her birthday this month and Mommy’s Day (for me) we decided to buy each other Tom’s shoes.  Yea, I know, supporting a reality TV star. But here’s the deal! You buy a pair of shoes from Tom’s and they give a child somewhere in the world a pair of shoes. They’ve already donated over 140,000 pairs to children in Argentina, Ethiopia and South Africa since 2006 and plan to delivery over 300,000 in 2009. SERIOUSLY! This is the real deal! Shoes range in price from $34 to $49 for “tiny toms”, $44 to $98 for women’s shoes – that’s what Alyssa and I got – women also have a boot option and $44 to $65 for men’s shoes. Alyssa and I see three side effects of a Tom’s purchases : 1) you get a pair of cool, trendy shoes, 2) you get to “make a difference” for a child somewhere who gets a pair of shoes, 3) the shoes are reasonably priced. Pick the side effect that works for you. Alyssa and I are big on #2 and #3.  Need more encouragement, watch the video on Tom’s site about shoe delivery.  We’ll let you know what we think when we get out Tom’s! In the meantime, if you’re curious, visit They even have a special Mother’s Day shoe designed by Tom’s mom! Alyssa and I are feeling pretty good about ourselves today – and that’s a nice side of a shoe purchase.


June 1 – update on Tom’s shoes.  I got my shoes a couple weeks ago and I have to say they are the MOST COMFORTABLE shoes I think I’ve ever worn. Still waiting on my daughter’s painted ones, but already know we’re going to order more.  A great cause AND comfortable shoes! You can’t beat that! Check out!


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