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WSU – Feed Haiti info – How you can help!

WSU 1 MILLION meal food packaging event!!!!!

Come help WSU and NumanaInc feed the starving in Haiti! The response of SE Kansas to the need to get food to the people of Haiti since the earthquake has been astounding. We have packaged and airlifted over 2,000,000 meals. Come be a part of helping us make that 3,000,000. February 5-7, WSU will be staging a 1 MILLION meal food packaging event at the Hughes Metroplex.

How can you help?


PACKAGE FOOD – at and select “volunteer” at the top of the home page. Follow instructions from there.


Please assume that it will take you about ½ hour to get processed, so plan to arrive in advance of your packaging time.

If you are a member of a group (12-14 people) who would like to come and package together, sign up at Please plan to arrive ½ hour prior to your designated packaging time to get register and get prepared.  We cannot take a group to a table until ALL members are present!  Your clock to package begins when the last member of your party arrives.

2) JUST SHOW UP WHEN IT’S CONVENIENT FOR YOU – our packaging hours for this event are 8-8 Friday and Saturday (Feb. 5 & 6) 1-8 Sunday (Feb. 7)

Come to the main door of the Hughes Metroplex and our greeters will get you registered and prepared to Feed the Starving!

Please assume that it will take you about ½ hour to get processed. We will get you to a table as quickly as we can!


DONATE – at and select “donate” at the top of the home page. Follow instructions from there.

The food we are sending to Haiti costs 30 cents per meal to buy, package, ship and deliver. Numana partners with the Salvation Army and currently the U.S. Military to get food quickly to areas of need in Haiti.


You can sign up as a group or organization (10-14 people) and sponsor your own table. An average table can package between 10 & 12 boxes in an hour at a cost of $648 – $778. Your group donates the money and packages the food. You buy it, you package it, you send it!


Would your business or organization like to sponsor a table at the WSU event? Your name, banner, poster will be posted on the table you sponsor for the duration of your sponsorship time. Volunteers who package at your table will be told the food they are packaging was provided by your organization.

1 hour = $1000

½ day (6 hours) = $6000

1 day (12 hours) = $12,000

WSU event (30 hours) = $30,000


Would your corporation, business, or organization like to partner with WSU on this event?

3 levels of partnership:

Event co-sponsor: $300,000 (the cost of 1 MILLION meals)

Platinum partnership: $100,000

Gold partnership: $50,000

Silver partnership: $25,000

Bronze partnership: $10,000


The chart below shows how many people your donation will feed:

100 people: $30.00
216 people (one box of food): $65.00
1,000 people: $300.00
2,000 people: $600.00
5,000 people: $1,500.00
7,128 people (one full pallet): $2,145.00
285,120 people (one full container): $85,536.00


GREEN SHIRT VOLUNTEER – sign up for 4 hour shifts at Plan to arrive ½ hour before your shift begins for preparation, orientation and assignment. In addition to regular shifts, we need set up and tear down teams. Set up will be Thursday (Feb. 4 from 1-8 at the Hughes Metroplex.

Training for new green shirts will be Thursday (Feb. 4) from 6-8 pm at the Hughes Metroplex.

If you are a new green shirt and cannot come to the Feb. 4 training, please arrive 1 hour prior to your start time for training.

Green shirts will be asked to purchase their t-shirts for $10

There are two groups you can sign up for:

1) Product management team – tasks listed below:

Runners: supply replacement product for assigned tables
Product Prep: unload product; fill bins; remove bags to trash can; must be able to lift 50 lbs.
Product Distribution: distribute product for runners via cart; remove filled boxes from tables; must be able to lift 50 lbs.
Loaders: load boxes to pallet, shrink wrap; take to truck; load; must be able to lift 50 lbs.

2) Floor management team – tasks listed below:

Registration: greet and sign in volunteers; manage crowds
Hostess: greet volunteers; distribute aprons and hairnets; assist staging coordinator
Staging Coordinators: prioritize and manage timely rotation of volunteers; assist traffic control
Traffic Control and scheduling: maintain table scheduling and rotation; maintain green shirt schedule
Table Seating: escort groups to table; liaison between table coordinators and traffic control; give shift-ending warnings
Table Coordinators: oversee packaging table; educate volunteers in packaging procedures; communicate with floaters and runners; clean up table and surrounding area; prepare and re-stock table
Floaters: replace table coordinators for breaks; assist table coordinators


Set up: Thursday (Feb. 4)

Shift 1: 1 – 4pm

Shift 2: 4 – 8pm

Friday (Feb. 5)

Set up: 7am – 9am

Shift 1: 8am – 12pm

Shift 2: 12 – 4pm

Shift 3: 4 – 8pm

Prep shift: 7 – 9pm

Saturday (Feb. 6)

Set up: 7am – 9am

Shift 1: 8am – 12pm

Shift 2: 12 – 4pm

Shift 3: 4 – 8pm

Prep shift: 7 – 9pm

Sunday (Feb. 7)

Set up: 12 – 2pm

Shift 1: 1 – 5

Shift 2: 5 – 9pm (includes 1 hour of tear down)

Tear down crew: 8 – 10pm


One thought on “WSU – Feed Haiti info – How you can help!

  1. rjh says:

    You should never completely delete any of the food groups because they all serve a purpose. I have discovered that most Americans should learn about portion control AND to eat something special 3 times a year but only if you deserve it. Desert should not be a staple, it should be a treat.

    The game is really simple. X number of calories go into your system each day. X number of calories are burned up each day. The remainder is stored as fat in case the body needs it for energy. Fat free is great but it still has calories.


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