Ambassador Tony Hall, Food Insecurity, Hunger, Hunger strike, make a difference, enters the hunger fast to impact Congressional budget decisions

Dear Friends,

When Congress can seriously debate cutting food aid to pregnant women and children while giving tax breaks to billionaires—and the only question the media asks is whether the cuts are big enough—we have a crisis.

This week progressive faith leaders called for Americans to join an ongoing fast to protest the immoral budget cuts being debated in Washington.

I’m joining the fast along with thousands of people including the leaders of many leading progressive organizations including Will you join too? You can choose to fast for part of a day, a whole day, or until the budget gets passed. Click here to join:

I think that it’s critical that we both understand what hunger is and make our voices heard. Building corporate profits through loopholes and tax breaks while taking away desperately needed services to the most vulnerable in our nation is simply unacceptable.




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