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3/3/2001 Raw Food – 2 week checkup! Shift to vegetarian

I can’t believe it’s been almost a week since I’ve written.  A lot has happened that has both reinforced our commitment to this way of eating and led us to modify it a bit.

In that time I’ve discovered a delicious, simple carrot soup (I made it up myself)

5 medium sized carrots (peeled for a sweeter taste)

1 cup coconut milk

1 tsp (or to taste) vanilla

mix in a blender until smooth (you can also add an avocado to make it really creamy)

eat cold or slightly warmed

grate nutmeg on top

Alyssa thought it tasted like baby food 🙂 I thought it was yummy.

Her migraines are back, so we’ve modified her diet a bit. Still mostly raw, but she can have cooked rice and steamed veggies.

I also reintroduced broths for rice or soups, but we’ve only done that once. I’m going to try to keep to as much of a raw veggie diet as possible.

Deborah’s Observations: Contrary to what my raw food cookbooks tell me, I’ve discovered that you can soak rice forever, or at least three days and it’s still – well, raw rice, which means hard, crunchy and pretty inedible. Since I started this diet, I’ve noticed that my sense of smell seems to be heightened, especially with respect to food. I think that Alyssa’s and my eyes look clearer, whiter, brighter. I’ve discovered I love sliced veggies (carrots, celery, cucumbers, green peppers, jicama) with a dash of sea salt and some fresh dill. That’s what I take most days for lunch along with some raw nuts or seeds and fresh or dried fruit. At this point the clementines are wonderful, so I eat those regularly. We’ve also been having great deals on berries lately.

Alyssa’s Observations: I gave up on the total raw food thing. I’m now going vegetarian for the rest of Lent. I just like cooked food too much, rice and veggies. Don’t get me wrong. I do eat a lot of raw fruit, nuts and veggies still, but I like cooked rice and steamed veggies more. I am still staying away from wheat products, milk products, and animal products except for an occasional seafood, like shrimp in my spring rolls. I’m also trying tofu but it tastes like eggs and has a weird texture. I really like almond and coconut milk and my favorite fruit right now aside from dried cherries is raspberries.


One thought on “3/3/2001 Raw Food – 2 week checkup! Shift to vegetarian

  1. I’ll be subscribing to your RSS and checking to see how vegetarianism works for you. I’m on the fence! In other news, who’d have thought a silly dog run would help me find a likeminded person in Wichita?

    Keep doing that good that you do, and go Shockers!


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