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10 cool “make a difference sites”

Ok, my task today on my 31 days to a better blog course is to create a list blog (ok, this was my job two days ago, but I’m a bit behind).

Here ya go! This is my Making a Difference opportunities starter list.

1) General do nice things – feel good site – full of ideas:

2) Supports a variety of make a difference project through sponsors – you just have to click and others donate!

Think locally – Wichita Based:

1) Wichita teen Kyle Hicks website – Kyle needs a bone marrow transplant to manage a rare and painful skin condition

2) Support Ryan Schartz as he pursues his performing dream – help him with his off-Broadway gig! Very cool!

Think globally – outside Wichita:

1) Foundation supporting Toronto hospital for sick kids

2) The hunger site:

3) The breast cancer prevention:

4) The child health site:

5) The literacy promotion site:

6) The rainforest site:

7) The animal rescue support site:


One thought on “10 cool “make a difference sites”

  1. miguelpineiro says:

    Hello, first timer here.

    I arrived via problogger. Isn’t there a group or site called ‘Think Globally?’ Anyhow, I’m signed in with my wordpress dot com account but if interested, you can find me at Simply Blog [dot net] Cheers!



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