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Making a difference one mouse click at a time!

Greater Good Network – You click; site sponsors contribute to worthwhile causes


            I appreciate the opportunity to make a difference by doing something simple and easy.  The GreaterGood Network,, couldn’t be simpler or easier. According to their website, “100% of the funds generated through the GreaterGood Network pass through to partner charities”. The network offers a number of free opportunities to make a difference as well as the chance to purchase a variety of reasonably priced free-trade and women-made items from a number of countries. Items include bath and body products, jewelry, organic clothing and accessories. I found some awesome shoes, watches, head scarves, wind chimes.

            To make a free contribution, all I have to do is click a button (or multiple buttons) on their website.  You click; sponsors donate.  I signed up for daily email reminders.  I click every morning to: stop hunger, fight breast cancer by providing mammograms for women, provide basic health care to children, encourage literacy by providing books to children, protect the rainforest and provide food and care for rescue animals. Pick what interests you. 

            If you’d like to learn about specific projects, visit:

The hunger site:

The breast cancer prevention:

The child health site:

The literacy promotion site:

The rainforest site:

The animal rescue support site:

Click for free or buy interesting items.  The GreaterGood Network is a win-win.


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